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At Play Stay Australia, innovation in business and simplicity make us happy. Our goal is to present a platform that is clean, crisp, uncluttered and exclusive, presenting a Unique, High Quality and Exclusively Boutique Australia to the world.

Join us, Think Outside The Square, let’s create and share your boutique story.

Our Story

Play Stay Australia began in August 2018. After two years of planning, modelling and searching, we recognised that it was somewhat difficult for our domestic and international visitors, to find and enjoy their stay within Australia using one destination website, that highlighted a boutique and premium Australia.

Today, Play Stay Australia is proud to offer our platforms to Australian business owners who have demonstrated commitment of excellence, dedication and entrepreneurship to ‘Stand Out’ and ‘Make a Difference’ allowing them to confidently stand alongside other premium, like-minded, high-quality businesses in Australia. It is these people and their businesses we highlight and present to you to enjoy our ‘Boutique Australia’.

About Play Stay Australia

We Connect People with People.

Play Stay Australia is a premium boutique lifestyle and travel website specialising in providing opportunities for like-minded, high-quality premium businesses to present their brands across our platforms.

By nature, we cater for all domestic and international traveller, looking to enjoy Australia’s hospitality and compliment their travel alongside, and with, premium businesses delivering high-level customer service experiences.

Why Join Play Stay Australia

We are Exclusively Boutique and proudly 100% Australian owned and proudly 100% Australian operated.

Play Stay Australia is not a general listing website, and our listing opportunities are limited. We are only seeking interest from like-minded high-quality, client-focused businesses delivering a consistent standard and a high-level customer service experience. You will be presented alongside and with a select group of premium businesses. 

Our Audience

Currently, 45% of our online audience is based in Australia and 55% view our website from overseas. They are aged between 24 and 54 and has up to two children. They visit our website to find things to do, research their options and make selections on lifestyle, shopping, restaurants, accommodation and activities while travelling in Australia. They are discerning travellers who enjoy the finer things in life and aspire to travel more and do it better.

Our Marketing

We like to provide the widest possible exposure through co-ordinated brand awareness campaigns. The aim of our awareness marketing is to create the highest possible exposure and the highest quality promotion of your business via our platforms. We are strategic and well-planned when it comes to presenting your brand on our platforms. Our awareness campaigns are the keys to achieving the best possible result.

Join us and Be Relevant, Be Impressive, Be Seen and Be Exclusive.

We’re Connecting People, With People

Take a Fresh Approach

Let’s Connect and Have Some Fun

Our Website Categories

Play: Activities – This category provides select opportunities for boutique businesses to present recreational activities that offer a uniquely Australian experience.

Stay: Accommodation -This category provides opportunities to make a selection from boutique businesses offering unique accommodation options. Sleep under the stars or in 5-star luxury.

Australia: A selection of Places to Visit per state. Coming Soon

Tours: Trips and Tour – This category provides opportunities for boutique businesses and tour operators to present and offer current and upcoming Trips or Tours to local destinations that offer a uniquely Australian experience.

Shopping: This category provides an area where our guests can locate personal shoppers and a boutique shopping experience from smaller retail outlets to larger retail centres. We would also take a favourable view to retailers exploring and presenting Australian fashion designers.

Travel: This category provides opportunities for boutique travel businesses to present their services to our local and international guests wanting to expand or continue their Australian visit.

Beauty: This category provides opportunities for boutique treatment salons and qualified professionals to present their services and treatments to our guests.

Fitness: This category provides opportunities for boutique fitness centres to deliver options for our guest while travelling and still wishing to continue a fitness routine.

Wellness:  This category provides opportunities for boutique businesses and qualified specialists to offer our guests Total Indulgent Rest and Pamper arrangements.

Fashion: A selection of Australian Fashion Designers and retailers and their labels.

Social Scene: The places to be and be seen for a great social get together and some of the best places to be seen in Australia. Live music, entertainment and atmosphere.

Nights: Presenting a selection of our Australian nightlife. Entertainment, Cocktail Bars, Live Music and great hospitality.

Breakfast: Where to enjoy some healthy options and relish our local foods and hospitality.

Lunch: Where to satisfy your appetite with an Australian flavour while on the move.

Dinner: Fine dining to casual dining. Bon-appetite.

Family: This category provides an area where you can find family-friendly events and activities.

Golf: We’ve got most golf clubs in Australia listed for your convenience. Golf your way around Australia – the game can go on.

Business: Where Business Professionals Meet – This category provides opportunities for professionals that own, run or operate a business are able to present their services to our community and connect with other businesses that can help you continue and remain in touch with your business while you’re on the move and enjoying your Australian travels.

Australia at a Glance: This category provides a feature opportunity per state and territory where businesses listing with our Boutique Elite and Boutique Premium are featured.

Think Outside The Square – We Do!

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